I’m a Kent based artist using drawing and painting to create works that explore the everyday chaos that resides in the mind, unspoken emotions and the sometimes unseen little stories that play out daily.

My work, although drawn in a realistic style, plays with real as well as surreal elements, celebrating the little oddities and irregularities that can occur with an erratic thought process.

I love to create layers with bursts of colour and repetitive patterns, which are all interwoven with hand-drawn figures, portraits, other varieties of life and organic shapes.

My Endo Series was my main focus when I started drawing and painting again, this body of work dealt with the aspects of physical suffering in a literal and metaphorical way, making something beautiful from some raw experiences.

More recently I’ve been making work with the word “CONFESS” in mind. The work plays out like a little series of confessions, some of my own and some that belong to others, but which I’m sure could speak to anyone and everyone, acknowledging our humanity and realising that we’re not all that different from each other.

I’m extremely passionate about my art and love what I do, hopefully, the thought and care that goes into making it translates well in my work.

So thank you for taking the time to visit and please feel free to get in touch!