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I'm a Kent-based visual artist who creates artwork that explores the everyday chaos that resides in the mind, unspoken emotions and unseen stories.

My work, although drawn and painted in a realistic style, plays with real and surreal elements; celebrating the little oddities or irregularities that can occur with an erratic thought process.

Final images are created with many layers, where bursts of colour and pattern work are interwoven with hand-drawn figures, portraits, other varieties of life and organic shapes.

The Endo Series was my main focus when I started drawing and painting again in 2017; this body of work dealt with aspects of physical suffering in a literal and metaphorical way, making something beautiful from something raw.

More recently I’ve been making work with the word “CONFESS” in mind, which culminated in a show with two other local artists. The concept enabled me to produce imagery that gives voice to our internal states, acknowledging our humanity and vulnerability instead of the persona we share every day with the outside world.

As well as my own work I regularly take on small portrait commissions; I've also produced murals and editorial illustrations in the past and am always open to new projects and opportunities like that, so please feel free to get in touch.


Thanks for visiting... I hope you enjoy looking through this collection of work as much as I loved making it! 


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